Concentric Security looks at all requirements — security, aesthetics, budgets and operations — and provides an integrated solution bespoke to your crowd protection needs.

A security system is more than just equipment – it is the integration of people, procedures, and equipment. We understand this and will help you secure the right solution to accomplish your goals.

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Security Assessments

Concentric Security knows every site and situation is different, there is no easy, one size fits all answer. Knowing your site is the most important point when securing your venue from vehicle threats. A strong perimeter security solution starts with assessments that include careful analysis of the site and surrounding areas.

Learn more about how Concentric Security works with you and your team to develop a practical plan.

Concentric Security has the expertise to:

Understand the applicable security standards and specifications

Apply CPTED principles to your design

(Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)

Review site conditions

Propose theory of operations based on site application

Define the right product mix

Install the equipment

Engineer and integrate control systems

Train personnel on site

Service and maintain equipment after installation

There is no one-size-fits-all product or solution. Through Concentric Security’s expertise, your system will function to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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