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Crowd Protection Must Never Be Compromised

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Whether a product need, or a comprehensive vehicle mitigation plan, Concentric has a skilled team well-versed in crowd protection. We offer a full range of products and solutions to protect your citizens and guests.


Concentric Security looks at all of the requirements — security, aesthetics, budgets, and operations — and provides an integrated crowd protection plan to serve your organization's needs.

Our solutions are created with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) in mind.

About us

Concentric Security's team is comprised of security industry veterans well-versed in both security design and construction. Our board-certified Physical Security Professionals (PSPs), construction project managers, design engineers, control engineers and professional engineers are dedicated to providing products and solutions to protect people in vulnerable crowd situations.

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“Any place there are large gatherings of people, it is being addressed and at least considered more and more in this country,” he says... “There is a much higher awareness of vehicular attacks.”

David Wachs

Concentric COO in Newsweek on the French Vehicular Attacks
“Bollards outside of non-landmark or non-government buildings are usually intended to protect pedestrians, not buildings."

David Wachs

Concentric COO in Newsweek on NYC Presidential Election Security Measures