Security Assessments

Concentric Security knows every site and situation is different, there is no easy, one size fits all answer. Knowing your site is the most important point when securing your venue from vehicle threats. A strong perimeter security solution starts with assessments that include careful analysis of the site and surrounding areas.

Concentric Security works with you and your team to do detailed analysis of the site characteristics and vulnerabilities to develop a practical plan.

Define Site Characteristics

  • Property Layout/Boundaries
  • Traffic Flow/Types
  • Available Standoff Distances
  • Facility Usages
  • Stakeholder Constraints

Address Vulnerabilities

  • Gathering Places
  • Pedestrian Flow
  • Determine Threat Scenarios (Determine DBT)

Perform Vector Analysis

  • Review Possible Vectors
  • Analyze Avenues of Approach
  • Assess Roadway Geometry

Once the assessment and analysis is complete (the “What”), the Engineering Phase (the “How”) can start to come together. Concentric Security will help your team review the options and formulate a practical approach to protect your guests and venue.